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Jeff believed in me and my personal injury case from the very beginning. This case was exceptionally hard because it involved a large company, Foster Farms, that wouldn't admit any responsibility or wrongdoing when their driver hit me with a semi-truck then left the scene of the accident. The event left me not only permanently disabled but unable to support myself. I had medical bills, rehabilitation, ongoing medical management, housing issues, loss of career, and loss of present and future income to address. I also had a challenging legal battle. Jeff was there through the whole process with compassion and understanding.

We had to fight a big company with deep pockets and strong lawyers. Jeff uncovered evidence by working diligently, hard, and with amazing follow through. His attention to details was amazing. Even though Foster Farms resisted every step of the way, Jeff continued to move forward; methodically, intelligently, and with an unwavering commitment to justice and fairness.

He kept me informed and involved me in every important decision. He reassuring me when times were rough to make sure that I was not only physically but emotionally taken care of during this trying time. He make sure that my health was taken care of by the best doctors. He also helped to make financial support available while in the trial and appeals process. He managed all the details necessary to get crucial testimony from witnesses, professional experts, and doctors that allowed the jury to rule in my favor in a landmark case.

Although my life will never be the same, I feel that Jeff got the justice I deserved so that my financial future and health care is secure. More importantly, Jeff truly took care of me along the way. You also deserve the best; and that what you get when Jeff is your lawyer.


—  Chela


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